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Caravan and car parked on grass in campground in Hawkes Bay NZ, with kids and gear in the background


Our family caravan business in Hawkes Bay

The Smile Caravans history

Smile Caravans is owned by Bob Spiekerman, the founder who started his small business in 2004, focusing on selling caravans. Alongside Bob is Andre, his son, who joined the team to expand the business online and delve into technical repairs and new installations. In 2018, Smile Caravans made a significant leap by acquiring a property in Hastings, now our home.

Window replacements and repairs

Solar installation

Self-containment upgrades

Repairs and Upgrades

Bob and Andre Spiekerman from Smile Caravans on fun ride with hands and legs in the air
Young boy from Spiekerman family helping with the setup of Smile Caravans property by playing on pile of gravel
Blue containers being brought in by crane to set up the Smile Caravans property for their business in Hawkes Bay

Our Values and Vision

As a family-owned and operated business, Smile Caravans is deeply rooted in Hawkes Bay, NZ. Our family loves the outdoors, fishing, and, of course, caravans. We take every chance we can to park up near a beach with the kids and our boogie boards. We want to share this joy with you, offering affordable, quality caravan parts,  to turn your caravan dreams into reality.